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 An addition to the Soilkee System is the Soilkee Mulcher that effectively utilises 'after grazing' stubble, an on farm resource intensifying the Soilkee Renovator effects.

Soilkee Mulcher SKM3000 Technical Specification Sheet

The Soilkee Renovator-Mulcher Combo:

The Mulching action captures and incorporates the remaining plant saps present in the after grazing green stubble, before it evaporates into the atmosphere. The plant sap, a valuable resource would be lost if the remaining stubble was left standing, the plant sap can instead be fed to the soil biota and assist in the breaking down of the plant matter by being incorporated into the soil contributing to the topsoil building process. The Mulching action is followed by the Soilkee Renovator where the pasture standing in the trench lines too are fed to the soil, mixed in with the mulched stubble into the freshly prepared seed beds nested in between rows of remaining pasture that acts as a cover crop. Creating the ideal environment for fungi, worms proliferate and begin depositing their worm castings, rich in benificial soil biota and plant available minerals triggering the soil carbon building process for a fertile topsoil.