Farming for a healthy world 

 A Worldwide Patented Innovation, Soilkee Pty Ltd has invented the Soilkee Renovator, the one pass solution for productive, profitable, resilient soils.

The SOILKEE RENOVATOR, how it works:

Minimum till disturbance in spaced apart rows by means of rotating blades create a competition free seed bed for successful germination, leaving around 80% of the pasture undisturbed. A diverse mix of seeds from clover seed to faba bean size can be applied from the seed box during operation with seeds dropping in the kee’s.

The undisturbed portion acts as a cover crop protecting the soil from the elements, reducing erosion and keeping around 80% of soil life habitat intact.

Whilst creating the seed bed the Soilkee Renovator provides additional benefits of aeration and a green manure crop within the worked up portion, providing aerobic conditions and a food source that activates the soil fungi, bacteria and earthworm populations and the natural soil processes they perform.

Pasture Cropping:         

 The Soilkee Renovator is a Pasture Cropping System that plants seasonal crop and pasture seeds into existing pasture; filling feed gaps and eliminating paddock down time traditionally associated with pasture renovation. The revolutionary Soilkee System provides a diverse pasture and crop mixture to fill the seasonal feed gaps right there in every paddock.

Soil Fertility Outcomes:

The unique action of the Soilkee Renovator activates soil life. Triggering regenerative soil function in this way improves soil structure, builds soil carbon through carbon sequestration, and increases water holding capacity and nutrient presence and availability; this improves fertility and increases plant growth as indicated in the independent trial results.

Independent Trial Results:*

Soil Carbon increase 24% (from 3.7% to 4.6%)

Plant available Nitrogen increase 122%

Plant available Phosphorus increase 34%

Plant available Sulphur increase 51%

Dry matter up to 30% increase

Crude Protein 13%-45% increase

*Data from an independent replicated trial over one year in nine rotationally grazed paddocks on three farms, funded by a Commercialisation Australia ‘Proof of Concept’ grant supporting our patented innovation.


Inputs & Production:

The Soilkee System enables you to successfully grow seasonal crops to bridge the feed gap whilst also enhancing the growth of the existing pasture and building a resilient topsoil.

Reduce your brought in feed costs and better utilise your fertiliser inputs and soil nutrient reserves by making them plant available.